Last year, Xiaomi had an accident as the company inadvertently released its latest Android skin in the MIUI 11. This release took place ahead of schedule. And now, it looks as if the company has once again been involved in yet another mistake as it recently proceeded on to release the MiSettings beta APK on the its own forums featuring what could be the new MIUI 12 design language.

It was XDA Developers who first and foremost noticed the radical change in the app’s UI. Of course like one might have expected, Xiaomi has since taken the necessary actions as the company quickly removed the new setting pages in an APK update – not before there was some evidence captured up to make us see what we can expect though!

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The new UI looks a bit rough as well as a bit inconsistent however, we can indeed see changes to both the refresh rate as well as the screen time settings. This goes on to include an overall cleaner design, a new focus mode tab and also a new weekly usage graph being present in the screen time settings – as well as a general design overhaul being evident to the refresh rate settings.

As the situation currently stands, there happens to be no MIUI 12 firmware dump in the wild, (and while it is indeed possible) we do not know of any Xiaomi devices that might be running this software just yet. While all this could be nothing much, the new MiSettings APK could potentially be our very first look at Xiaomi’s upcoming Android skin design changes.

Of course what the Chinese manufacturer has in mind is still relatively unknown but this as well as some of the other recent reports popping up do give us a bit of an indication as to what we can and might expect from the company in the near future.


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