Our first look at… iPhone 13?

Our first look at… iPhone 13?
Our first look at… iPhone 13?

This fall, it is expected that tech giant Apple will go on to launch four new models as with regards to its iPhone 12 series. Dozens and dozens of leaks as well as reports have also made their way – suggesting that all of these four iPhone 12 models will actually be featuring with OLED displays, as well as the support for 5G and of course – a faster and newer processor. It is also possible that we might end up seeing some notable changes in the design segment, and these changes might include the likes of a smaller notch at the top – similar to what we have seen previously on the iPhone 4. With what said though, it is indeed expected that Apple will wait till 2021 iPhone lineup before it shapes up for any major design overhauls and despite the fact that it’s still June 2020, a new leak now somewhat seems to reveal the design that the iPhone 13 will entertain.

Indeed images as well as a video has been shared recently of a 3D-printed mockup of a seemingly 5.5-inch iPhone destined for next year. The source behind this particular design is said to be stemming from popular website Alibaba, however, there isn’t really too much depth with regards to the rumors. Anyways, in accordance with what the leak is suggesting, the model in a video leaked shows the 5.4-inch successor for the iPhone 12 which will make its way into the market this fall.

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Of course the most obvious difference between this particular mockup and the leaked iPhone 12 designs that we have seen up until this point is indeed the missing sensor placed at the very top of the screen. Considering the fact then that there is indeed no notch on the iPhone 12 – maybe all the rumors implying that Apple will put into focus a TrueDepth camera and sensors underneath the screen have some substance to them.

And while the size is slightly larger, the dimensions of the 5.5-inch iPhone 13 are supposedly in line with those of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12. The bezels that surround the screen here seem to be even more smaller when compared to the ones that are found on the iPhone 11.


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