Our first look at the Galaxy S30 Ultra?

Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra

Recent rumors claimed that Samsung’s next set of flagship phones could actually arrive earlier than usual. It seems that it also stands true for their leaks. Indeed after outing renders for the Galaxy S30, a tipster has now gone on to leak renders for the Galaxy S30 Ultra.

It seems as if the design of the Ultra model is almost identical to that of the Vanilla S30, albeit with a few differences. Immediately, the larger rear camera housing is noticeable. It has been claimed that this housing is actually almost double the size of the Galaxy S30 and goes on to contain a total of four camera sensors. Unfortunately, the camera configuration isn’t known, but recent rumors have gone on to claim that the phone will sport two zoom lenses as well as wide and ultra-wide sensors.

The side profile of the phone actually shows the camera bump as being quite a bit on the chunky side. So even though Samsung has seemingly changed the placement with regards to the camera housing, the chunkier aspect still remains to be a highlight.

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The overall footprint of the Galaxy S30 Ultra measures in at 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm. This is almost the same as the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The display also retains the punch hole that of course Samsung has used quite a lot in recent times. The display is said to measure in between that of 6.7-inches to 6.9-inches – this of course also in line with what you get with a current top-of-the-line Galaxy S flagship. It has also been claimed that unlike the Galaxy S30’s flat screen, the display of the Galaxy S30 Ultra is slightly curved on the edges.

Elsewhere, both the volume as well as the power keys are seen on the right hand side of the phone while a USB Type-C port is placed on the bottom of the phone. And while it has been said that there isn’t actually any slot retained for the sake of an S-Pen, the possibility of the flagship supporting one hasn’t been ruled out.


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