Due to the impending holiday season, Tesla will be offering a free 30-day trial of EAP to its owners worldwide during the period of the Christmas holidays.

The full name of Tesla AP is Autopilot automatic assisted driving, which encompasses a variety of options, namely basic automatic assisted driving (BAP), enhanced automatic assisted driving (EAP), while Full Self-Driving is the full name of full automatic driving, that is, fully automatic driving. While the current state of autonomous driving is a far cry from what we had hoped for, it still meets most of the requirements.

It should be noted that the Tesla AP basic version of automatic assisted driving features includes adaptive cruise control and lane keeping, which is a set of free services, and that you need to add money in order to get stronger services.

Currently, the price of the enhanced version of EAP automatic assisted driving is 32,000 yuan in the domestic market, which includes the following features:

As you move along the freeway, the vehicle will automatically steer on and off ramps and overpass junctions, passing slow-moving vehicles on the way.

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Autonomous lane change: When you are driving on the highway, it will automatically assist you in changing lanes.

If the appropriate scenarios are met, parked vehicles in the parking space will respond to your call, drive out of the parking space and arrive at the destination you specify.

Parallel and perpendicular automated parking systems are available

A message that read “Happy Holidays!” appeared on the display of Tesla cars in several countries, including Australia and New Zealand, according to pictures shared by Tesla owners in the two countries. “Enhanced Autopilot Free Trial Enabled for 30 Days.” All users will have the opportunity to try out the full version before making a purchase. The EAP has a function that assists the driver while driving.


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