Images circulated on social media suggest that the Pakistan Air Force’s second batch of Chengdu J-10C semistealth fighter jets 4.5-gen advanced multirole fighter jets will be painted tactical camouflage colors, similar to those used by the Mirage 5PA.

Details reveal that the J-10Cs’ latest models have a green-gray camouflage scheme and sky-blue undersides. Mirage 5PAs, which have a similar color scheme, have been used in low-level maritime strike positions. This indicates that the J-10Cs new will also be used in low-level maritime strikes roles.

PAF received its first batch of J-10Cs in March from Chengdu Aircraft Corporation. This Chinese aerospace conglomerate designs and produces combat aircraft. This batch had a low-visibility color scheme.

J-10Cs also flew over the Pakistan Day Parade, 23 March.

It was first reported in July that Pakistan would receive 36 J-10C fighter planes from China. In December last year, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, the former Interior Minister, revealed that the PAF would receive 25 J-10Cs from China in the first batch, and 11 in the second.

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Many aspects of J-10C’s mid-sized fighter jet are similar to the Rafale fighter plane of the Indian Air Force (IAF).

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Fly-by-wire flight controls are available on the single-engine, tail-less delta wing J-10C. An AESA fire control radar is also included. Composite materials are used to make it lighter and stronger. Its internal armament is a Gryazev–Shipunov GSh23 twin-barrel gun, which is located under the intake.

Externally, other weaponry and equipment can be mounted on 11 hardpoints. There are 6,000 kg of missiles, bombs, drop-tanks with fuel or any other equipment, such as avionics devices.

The J-10C can deploy air-to-air weapons such as short-range air-to-air rockets like the PL-8 or PL-10, medium-range radar-guided missiles like the PL-12, PL-15, unguided munitions, such as laser-guided bombs, precision-guided munitions, such as laser-guided bombs, anti-ship missiles like the YJ-91A and anti-radiation missiles like the YJ-91A and YJ-91A and YJ-radiation missiles including the YJ-90A and YJ-radiation missiles


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