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Pak Army Conducts Another Successful Rescue Operation This Month

Pak Army aviation pilots have rescued a climber who got stuck on Biafo Glacier’s Latok Peak according to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). The Dawn News has reported the rescue as a daring attempt of Pak Army for Alexander Gukov who was stuck 20,650 feet above sea level.

The Russian Mountaineer was stranded at the glacier since 25th July 2018. Media wing of Pak Army has reported in a press release that after having rescued from the Biafo Glacier’s Lotak Peak, Alexander Gukov was transported to Combined Military Hospital Skardu for medical care.

According to the reports this was the 8th attempt that was successful after 7 failed attempts and this was the first rescue operation conducted by the Pak army aviation team at such height.

The unprecedented rescue mission according to the ISPR was undertaken by Pakistan Army aviation helicopters under extreme weather conditions, making it the 1st ever rescue from such a height in the country.

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Gukov have exhausted his supplies three days ago whole the seven rescue attempts had been made between 26 to 30 July, but due to snow clouds, the climber could not be located and rescued, but finally they were fortunate to save a life and to shift that Russian Mountaineer to hospital for health care.

As per the rescue mission details of this month, this was the second rescue mission that Pak Army has conducted this month. As you might have heard on first of July about the two foreign mountaineers stuck in an avalanche at above 19,000 feet on Ultar Sar Peak near Hunza Valley. These mountaineers were also saved by Pak Army pilots.

Though British climbers Bruce Normand & Miller Timothy were rescued alive, Austrai’s Christian Huber didn’t survive.

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
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