Pak Suzuki has directed dealers not to take new bikes orders starting July 1st, according to an announcement issued by the company. The reason is that problems with supply chain hinder production.

Industry officials claim that the company is unable to import fully knocked-down units (CKDs) due to the restrictions regarding the issuance of Letters of Credit (LC) by the central bank.

The issue has affected the entire auto industry and cellphone makers that have not been able to keep up with the production process.

“We do not know when the company will getting orders back,” said a Pak Suzuki motorcycle dealer. “It could be one month, a week, or even a month.”

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However, Suzuki has also released an updated list of motorcycle rates for dealers, which has jacked prices up by as much as the amount of Rs10,000.

Suzuki has also released a new motorcycle rate list to its dealers

The company increased prices for GD110S, GS150 and GS150SE by the amount of Rs7,000. New prices include at Rs219,000, Rs239,000, and Rs256,000 in each case. Price of GR150 is now raised by 10 percent. The price has been increased to Rs349,000.

The new rates will be in effect beginning July 2. Suzuki also increased the price for its bikes in June 2022.

The price increase follows Atlas Honda and Yamaha which are the two other Japanese bike makers in the United States, raised the price of their bikes with effect starting this month.


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