Pakistan 5th in premature pollution related deaths, eyeing climate disaster

pollution related deaths
Pakistan 5th in premature pollution related deaths, eyeing climate disaster

Pakistan becomes the 5th country in terms of premature pollution related deaths. Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) has come up with its report on Global, Regional, and Country Analysis for December 2019. The global report, which is published by GAHP in December indicate an alarming situation for Pakistan in terms of deteriorating situation regarding deaths due to climate change affects. 

The report notes the pollution as the greatest adversary for world population, killing 8.3 million people in 2017 alone. This accounts for one to two deaths out of total seven deaths. The number may be greater, as many known toxins are not included in the results. GAHP examined harmful toxins in the air, later on the basis of those toxins they developed parameters, which led to the calculation of the deaths of people from pollutants in the air.

India topped the list of premature pollution-related deaths. 

  1. INDIA 2,326,771
  2. CHINA 1,865,566
  3. NIGERIA 279,318
  4.  INDONESIA 232,974
  5.  PAKISTAN 223,836
  6.  BANGLADESH 207,922
  9.  ETHIOPIA 110,787
  10.  BRAZIL 109,438

The report states that ambient air pollution and ozone are responsible for 40 percent of all pollution related deaths or an estimated 3.4 million deaths a year.

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Annual Premature Air Pollution-Related Deaths

Half of the air pollution related deaths occur in China and India alone. Pakistan comes in third in terms of annual premature air pollution-related deaths.

  1.  CHINA 1,242,987
  2.  INDIA 1,240,529
  3.  PAKISTAN 128,005
  4.  INDONESIA 123,753
  5.  BANGLADESH 122,734
  6.  NIGERIA 114,115
  9.  BRAZIL 66,245
  10.  PHILIPPINES 64,386

The data that has been given is underestimated, there are a lot of parameters that are yet to be covered. Moreover, to estimate a close comparison in terms of harmful effect of pollution leading to deaths need a country wise data gathering. The data that has been showed only accounts for the deaths related to air pollution, that too on a limited scale, as a lot of harmful toxins are ignored, which on the other hand also involved in pollution related deaths.

Total Pollution Deaths in Eastern Mediterranean 

Pakistan tops the list in Eastern Mediterranean in number of population deaths.

  1.  PAKISTAN 223,836
  2.  EGYPT 90,320
  3.  IRAN 50,778
  4.  AFGHANISTAN 44,247
  5.  SUDAN 35,365
  6.  YEMEN 29,038
  7.  MOROCCO 28,313
  8.  SOMALIA 26,431
  9.  IRAQ 12,678
  10.  SAUDI ARABIA 11,033

However, out of wide range of pollution categories and sources, only one aspect has been covered. The deaths for example from the water pollution has not been included. If all those numbers add up the results could be devastating for global humanity. This terrifying fact indicate a global calamity, as the pollution related diseases are spreading like a plague, and nobody seems to notice it.

Pakistan on the other hand jumps to 5th place on Global Climate Change Index. The pollution is becoming the most notorious adversary of Pakistan. Small time projects and initiative would not resolve the climate vows of Pakistan, as the country is eyeing the worst climate related catastrophes.


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