Pakistan Automotive industry has been dominated by the giants Toyota and Honda, with Suzuki coming in the list as well, and the influx of massive amounts of cars on roads is evidence of how much Pakistanis rely on cars for transportation purposes. But since the world moved to EVs for better eco friendly drives Pakistan has lagged behind that progress for quite some time now. Despite, a couple of EVs being released in Pakistan, the infrastructure required to accommodate such cars is missing. This requires a substantial investment from companies willing to expand their business to Pakistan where such a change would be welcomed. That’s exactly what the largest Chinese EV manufacturer plans to do


A group of investors in Pakistan are keen to bring the technology to the country. In this regard, Rahmat Group has entered into an agreement with BYD for the assembly and to some extent the production of electric vehicles in the country. This joint venture would allow the assembly of cars, vans coaches as well as related parts like batteries and chargers. The company contacted PM Khan through a letter detailing the advantages of the presence of EV in Pakistan and the willingness to go large-scale. The letter also discussed the cost benefits that people will enjoy with motorcyclists able to save up to Rs 4000 per month, and Rs25000-30000 per month for cars.

EVs not only benefit the person but the environment too. Zero emission cars would make Pakistan a less populated country and since the maintenance value is a minimum, people would also be saving long term.

For the infrastructure, the company plans to work with Total Parco to install stations where the EVs could be charged.

BYD has an entrenched network around the world and they are currently based in over 200 cities in over 50 countries and all habitable continents of the world according to the CEO Rahmat Group. The US constitutes as its largest market closely followed by Europe in second. They employ 230,000 workers in 30 locations with over 40 manufacturing sites. BYD is a world-renowned manufacturer that easily ranks in the Top 15 companies of the world that aim to revolutionize the automobile industry worldwide.

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