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Pakistan Aware OIC of Indian Threats of Military Aggression

Fore­ign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has cautioned the OIC Contact Group on Kashmir that India has escalated its combative manner of speaking against Pakistan, including dangers of military animosity. 

The OIC Contact Group met uninvolved of the UN General Assembly in New York on Sunday to examine the intensifying common liberties circumstance in India-involved Jammu and Kashmir. 

Saudi Arabia, Niger and Azerbaijan went to the gathering. Top of the OIC Observer Mission to the UN Ambassador Agshin Mehdiyev spoke to the OIC Secretary General. 

On Monday, the UN General Assembly additionally held the debut meeting of its elevated level discussion on world issues. The United Nations had organized many occasions this year to remember its 75th commemoration however the majority of these occasions are being held basically on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

At the OIC meeting, individuals from the Contact Group looked into ongoing improvements in Jammu and Kashmir, remembering the grave common liberties and helpful circumstance for the involved region and pressures along the LoC. 

Pakistan’s Ambassador Munir Akram read out the unfamiliar pastor’s extraordinary message in the gathering, expressing that the RSS-BJP system in India was actualizing the purported “last arrangement” in the involved terrains. 

India, he stated, was occupied with methodicallly designing a segment change through its new home principles. 

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“The issuance of 1.6 million house endorsements since March is intended to change the demography of IOJK from a Muslim lion’s share into a Hindu larger part domain,” he included. 

The unfamiliar pastor brought up that in another endeavor to destroy the Muslim personality of involved Jammu and Kashmir, India was likewise changing the official status of the Urdu language through another enactment. 

Dismissing the Indian case of “regularity” in the involved domain, Mr Qureshi featured a joint correspondence by 18 unique order holders of the Human Rights Council gave a month ago. The announcement noticed that the common liberties circumstance there was in a “free fall” and many youthful Kashmiris were murdered extra-judicially in “counterfeit experiences” and “cordon and search” tasks. 

It noticed that the Indian security powers kept on getting a charge out of complete exemption under dark laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act (APSPA) and the Public Safety Act (PSA). The unfamiliar priest educated the gathering that in 2020 alone, India had submitted more than 2,200 truce infringement. 

“There is an unmistakable danger of further acceleration as India would lead another bogus banner activity to legitimize reestablished animosity against Pakistan, representing a genuine danger to provincial harmony and security,” he said. Mr Qureshi said it was basic for India to quickly lift its coldhearted military attack and cancel all unlawful activities taken since Aug 5. He additionally asked New Delhi to eliminate limitations on interchanges, development and quiet assembly; discharge imprisoned political pioneers and free discretionarily kept Kashmiris. 

The unfamiliar priest said that India must opposite new home principles; eliminate draconian security laws and indict military and regular citizen faculty engaged with gigantic basic liberties infringement.


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