To all of those who blame the internet for being too slow in Pakistan, we still got better internet 4G speed than your neighboring country — India. According to new Pakistan is ranked above India in terms of 4G internet speeds. Yes, don’t be surprised since you heard right.

Well, what we may not be expecting is Pakistan getting high speed against India (6 Mbps) in terms of internet speeds.  Well, that’s an achievement since Pakistan launched 4G 4 years later than India.

The fact was revealed in a new report by OpenSignal (a wireless internet firm from the UK) in which the company highlight the state of 4G in Asia. In addition, Australia and New Zealand were also the part of this with other Asian countries.

On the other hand, with an average speed of 13 Mbps, Pakistan isn’t exactly there yet, however still it’s a considerable speed in 4G connectivity as compared to India.

It is important to mention here that the 4G spectrum auction was held in India back in 2010. But,  the operators are still working to expand the growth of connectivity to more provinces and regions instead of improving speeds.

In the report, Pakistan was joined hand with Cambodia and Sri Lanka, as both countries also get averaged 13 Mbps speed.

If we look at the results of report, we will come to know that Singapore was ranked the fastest in Asia and the world at large, with a bumming fast 44 Mbps.

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On surprising note, South Korea got second position at 40 Mbps as it offers some of the fastest internet speeds in the world. Australia and New Zealand managed to get third and fourth position  with 36 and 33 Mbps respectively.

On the other hand, Vodafone of Australia has skipped ahead of Telstra, offering 40 Mbps, above the country’s average 4G speeds.

Taiwan followed New Zealand as they got 26 Mbps .well, Japan was not in the top 5 but the country is not too far behind at 25.39 Mbps.

The report had another surprise as Vietnam stood at 21.49 Mbps, way ahead of Brunei Darussalam which got 17 Mbps and Myanmar got 15 Mbps.

The chart of below the 15 Mbps level contains Malaysia at 14 Mbps followed by Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Pakistan tied at 13 Mbps.

The bottom 4 of the list in Asia include Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and India with 9, 9, 8 and 6 Mbps respectively.

Well, what’s your opinion about the recent speed ranking of Asian countries ? Tell us in comment section, does your network provide averaged 13 Mbps speed?


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