Pakistan becomes third largest seller on Amazon

Amazon In Pakistan
Amazon In Pakistan

According to data, Pakistan is the third largest country after US as well as China, with 1.2 million registered sellers in Amazon marketplace.

Based on the findings from “Marketplace Plus” the organization which compiles stats about the global market of online commerce, Pakistan was allowed to sell its products via Amazon from May 20, 2021 and, in the span of one year, 12 products were sold of them came from Pakistan.

Many merchants have signed up with Amazon and as a result made Pakistan the third largest nation. The more merchants of Pakistan were registered on Amazon more than UK, Vietnam, India and Canada.

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The report states that Pakistan could earn up to 28 billion dollars per year by exporting or selling goods via Amazon.

Pakistani traders sell a range of products , including leather, textiles and sports items, chemical carpets, and other fabrics on Amazon. It is important to note it is the case that Pakistan is the largest 37th market for e-commerce. by 2021, the e-commerce industry in Pakistan made $5.9 billion in revenue. so that now Pakistan is ahead of Iran.

The report also stated that in the decade 2021 the rate of growth of the global market for e-commerce was fifteen percent (15 percent) and the e-commerce industry in Pakistan has increased by 45 percent (45 percent) in the past year. The data provided showed the effectiveness as well as the effectiveness of this industry.


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