Authorities in Pakistan have blocked access to the social media giant X, formerly known as Twitter, amid widespread protests against alleged electoral manipulation. Internet users across the nation found themselves unable to access the platform amidst a nationwide disruption that began late Saturday during the protests.

The timing of the social media blockade appears to coincide with protests by the PTI party and other opposition groups, who have been demonstrating against what they claim to be rigged election results leading to political instability.

During the protests, access to X was restricted over the weekend, although the Pakistan Telecom Authority has not provided any official update regarding the restriction. However, it is widely understood among the public that such measures are often implemented during periods of political unrest.

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According to Netblocks, a global internet watchdog, live metrics indicate a significant disruption to X/Twitter at a national level in Pakistan, coinciding with escalating unrest and protests over allegations of election fraud. This comes after a senior election official publicly admitted to vote manipulation, triggering widespread anger and further protests.

The situation intensified on Saturday when the Commissioner of Rawalpindi confessed to altering election results in 13 national and 26 provincial constituencies through the misuse of his administrative powers, sparking even more outrage and adding fuel to the ongoing protests against election rigging allegations.


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