Pakistan Celebrates Independence Day

    Pakistan Celebrates Independence Day

    There may be a myriad of issues that partition the individuals of Pakistan, however with regards to commending the Independence Day on August 14, the whole country meets up to celebrate the sentiment of living in a free and autonomous state. 

    Consistently, Pakistanis from varying backgrounds observe Independence Day with restored energy and intensity. Be that as it may, not at all like the past, the Covid-19 pandemic has discouraged the festivals this year. 

    In spite of that, different political, strict, and government associations, and the general population everywhere, have chosen to commend the event with a similar eagerness by adhering to the coronavirus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) recommended by the government. 

    Addressing The Express Tribune, Anjuman Shehryan e Lahore’s President Shafiq Raza Qadri said that the fourteenth of August is vital to each pakistani, in this manner, we ought to commend it with the equivalent conventional energy. 

    “We will start with petitions in the mosque for the turn of events and success of our nation,” Qadri said. “The lockdown in Punjab has been lifted yet we despite everything must be mindful by keeping away from huge get-togethers and keeping up social separation.” 

    House of prayer Church Lahore’s Dean Pastor Shahid Meraj said that on Independence Day, youngsters from the Sunday Choir would sing melodies and perform scenes in the congregation, while unique petitions would be offered for the national security of Pakistan. 

    “I offer to the general population to guarantee the usage of the SOPs on Independence Day.” 

    Common society delegate Abdullah Malik included: “We should likewise recall our Kashmiri siblings and sisters on the Independence Day. I likewise bid the Pakistani youth to appeal to God for the nation, avoid taking part in hooliganism, drinking liquor, and going to enormous social events since we should focus on a sound and Covid-19 free Pakistan.” 

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    Much the same as the past, the Pakistani banner has been raised on the tops of various open structures the nation over. Numerous structures have likewise been finished with bright lights. 

    Per sources, all parks, event congregations, the Shahi Qila, and the Lahore Zoo will stay open in Lahore, however guests will be required to wear veils. That separated, the customary banner bringing down service will happen at Lahore’s Wagah outskirt, yet guests won’t be permitted. 

    In like manner, in Karachi, Independence Day festivities have been sorted out by governmental and non-governmental associations, schools, colleges, and the private sector. 

    Sources said that on the morning of August 14, the principle service will be held at the catacomb of the Founder of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Parks and open spots will stay open however the government has encouraged individuals to watch the SOPs for their own and others’ safety. 

    All the fundamental open structures across Islamabad and Rawalpindi will be brightened with lights and the Pakistani banner, said Islamabad’s Deputy Mayor Syed Zeeshan Ali Naqvi. 

    He included that Independence Day is a significant event which can’t be overlooked on the grounds that we are confronting a troublesome circumstance. 

    “Regardless of whether there is a pandemic or some other fiasco, we are joined under one banner as Pakistanis and we need to show this to the world,” he said. 

    In contrast to different cities, numerous open spots in Peshawar will stay shut due to the pandemic. In any case, open and private structures will be enriched per usual. 

    Other than the beautification of structures and opening of recreational spots in various cities of Pakistan, individuals are likewise celebrating in their own little manners by decorating their homes, shops, and vehicles with the Pakistani banner to display their nationalism. 

    For the reason, side of the road slows down selling flags, identifications, stickers, and clothes for grown-ups and youngsters the same, have been set up in practically all cities of Pakistan.


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