Factors that affect production in the sector of agriculture in Pakistan and China are able to complement one another. Both countries must improve cooperation in agriculture and food security in order to create the best possible outcome for all.

The statements are made by Rabbia Nasir, the Third Secretary of the Embassy of Pakistan in China at the 2022 China Seed Congress as well as China Seed Congress and the Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley Forum in recent times.

As good neighbors and strategic partners for all weathers, Pakistan and China have worked together to guarantee the security of their food supply, and food is one of the main source of trade between the two countries.

According to Chinese statistics on customs, Pakistan exported $610 million of agricultural goods to China during the first half of 2022. That’s an increase of 30.85 percent year-on-year. The exports of rice totaled $345 million.

Chinese investors are increasing their investment money into the Pakistani agriculture sector. Both countries participate in agricultural cooperation as part of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Global Development Initiative.

To enhance cooperation in agriculture and ensure food security “we must make the most of the synergistic factors in agriculture in the two countries” Nasir affirmed.

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As an example, Pakistan could contribute a friendly policy that is affordable in terms of production, plentiful agricultural products, and investments in food processing. She pointed out that China could share its knowledge with Pakistan in terms of training modernization of agriculture and cold chain technology logistics, seed technology , and agriculture demonstration zones.

According to data from the World Economic Forum, the global challenge of food security is easy to understand as by 2050, the world will have to provide food to nine billion people. The demand for food is going to be significantly higher than what is currently needed.


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