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Pakistan Citizens’ Portal to address public complaints by PM

First time in the history of Pakistan, Prime Minister, Imran khan has launched the public complaints portal named as “Pakistan Citizens’ Portal” (PCP) to address public complaints directly. This portal is not just for natives but also works for overseas Pakistanis.

The initiative of this absolute grievance redressed system has taken by PM on Sunday. PCP is connected with all the relevant government departments, however the Prime Minister Office will monitor the whole procedure, Radio Pakistan reported.

Now, you can register a complaint through a smartphone app, website, e-mail or Facebook page of the portal. Even you can also register your complaint via a toll free number.

You need to make a login ID for the Pakistan Citizens’ Portal app, so you can send your complaints directly to PM as the whole system of this portal will be monitored by PM office.

On the other hand, Government departments will also hold khuli kechahris (open courts) to accept people’s complaints. There will be a timeframe to resolve all complaints in order to keep the system fast and fulfillment of the complainant on time.

The inauguration ceremony was held in Islamabad on Sunday.  Addressing to the ceremony PM said Allah has blessed Pakistan with great potential. He said, everyone need to hard work so can be steered out of crises.

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People need to start owning the system and have confidence in the government to form ‘Naya Pakistan’, PM stated.

Native development of the portal app is momentous and it shows that old regal mindset has been changed with accountability for all including government, politicians and public servants, Imran Khan said.

The objective behind this move called “Pakistan Citizens’ Portal” to understand the performance of ministries and departments by the government.

Moreover, after getting the public response and feedback, government will make future policies. This scheme will also give a better voice to overseas Pakistanis.

 “Our policy is to improve the ease of doing business to attract foreign investment in the country which will help the economy,” said the prime minister.

Imran khan will get report on weekly basis to check the performance of different government departments.

PCP will also help government to keep a record of reward and punishment system in public sector and it will be easier with this system to give promotions of government servants on the basis of their performance.

As per Imran Khan, PCP is a step forward towards E-governance, refining governance, and attracting foreign investments in Pakistan.

Key areas of portal

A comprehensive briefing was given about the PCP, according to which the portal is a “voice of the people”. It will facilitate to resolve problems and issues of disabled, overseas Pakistanis, women, minorities, investors, and politicians.

The portal will work under PM’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU). Core areas of PMDU include facilitation to Pakistani citizens, overseas Pakistanis and foreigners. It will also use for facilitation and coordination for parliamentarians, and the prime minister’s directives/Task Management System.

Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha Maqbool
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