In the midst of the intense ICC World Cup 2023 schedule, Pakistan’s cricket team captain, Babar Azam, and some of the coaching staff recently seized a rare moment to unwind and enjoy a relaxing round of golf at a Kolkata golf course. This unexpected yet delightful diversion brought together not only the cricket team’s skipper but also head coach Grant Bradburn, bowling coach Morne Morkel, and Andrew Puttick, making it an exciting and unique event for cricket enthusiasts and golf aficionados alike.

A Day on the Greens

The impromptu golfing expedition took place at a picturesque golf course in Kolkata, where Babar Azam and his colleagues demonstrated their skills on the lush greens. This brief hiatus from their rigorous training schedule provided a refreshing change of pace, allowing the players and coaching staff to recharge and bond in a different setting.

Babar Azam: Leading by Example

Babar Azam, the charismatic captain of the Pakistan cricket team, exhibited exceptional sportsmanship on the golf course, much like he does on the cricket field. His ability to balance the responsibilities of leading his team in a World Cup tournament and partaking in a casual game of golf underscores his leadership qualities and the importance of unwinding amidst high-stake matches.

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Upcoming Training Sessions

Following their golfing expedition, the Pakistan cricket team is now gearing up for their upcoming training sessions. The first training session is scheduled to commence at 2 PM local time, and it will be an essential part of their preparations for the impending match against England.

Shadab Khan and Haris Rauf’s Return

As the Men in Green prepare to take on England, the return of two key players, Shadab Khan and fast bowler Haris Rauf, adds excitement to the team’s dynamics. Haris Rauf recently underwent a medical evaluation at a Kolkata-based hospital due to rib pain, while Shadab Khan sustained a concussion injury.

Positive News for Shadab Khan

Despite the initial concerns about Shadab Khan’s injury, there is encouraging news regarding his recovery. His rehabilitation is progressing positively, and his condition will be further assessed during the upcoming training session, giving hope to the team and fans for his swift return to action.

The Road Ahead

With Pakistan currently occupying the fifth position on the points table, they face a crucial match against England in Kolkata on November 11. Their prospects for advancing to the next stage of the World Cup hinge on multiple factors. They not only need to secure a victory but also rely on Sri Lanka defeating the Black Caps in Bengaluru on November 9 and hope for Afghanistan to face setbacks in their upcoming matches against Australia and South Africa. These outcomes are pivotal in their quest to qualify for the next round as they are currently tied on 8 points despite playing one game less.


Babar Azam’s golfing excursion, accompanied by some of the coaching staff, provides a heartwarming glimpse into the camaraderie and spirit within the Pakistan cricket team. As they prepare for their decisive match against England, the return of key players like Shadab Khan and Haris Rauf adds a layer of optimism. The cricketing world eagerly awaits the outcome of this high-stakes encounter and the unfolding drama of the ICC World Cup 2023.


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