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Pakistan Day – One of the Most Significant and Historical event

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said that Pakistan was born on the day the first Hindu was converted to Islam. Ideologically, it is true. The foundation was laid on that very day. Since that day, there has been a long, sacrificing and a struggle of bloodshed till 1947, when Pakistan was born. Many important events occurred which played a vital role in the independence of the nation. One of the most significant events in the history was the March 23, 1940. This day is celebrated as the Pakistan Day.

Brief history

The annual meeting of All India Muslim League was called on March 22, 1940. The main objective of this meeting was to pass the resolution of Pakistan. This meeting went on for 3 days, and the resolution was passed. Initially, the resolution was named as the Lahore Resolution, but the Hindus and British mocked the meeting and called it Pakistan resolution.

After the independence of Pakistan, this day was celebrated as Republic Day, but after the abolishment of the first constitution, it was renamed as the Pakistan Day.

The importance of Pakistan Day

This day reminds us who we are as a nation. It reminds us of our fore fathers who made wise decisions. It is because of their wise, brave and timely decisions; we are living in a free country.

Every year, nation celebrates Pakistan Day with all the national harmony and feels. But is it enough? Naming it a celebration, announcing a public holiday, is it enough? The leaders give statements, promise to the nation that they will take the country to the place it deserved to be. But promises aren’t enough. People need to stand for their country, against all the evils that are eating up the roots of Pakistan.

The role of youth

Youth has the most important part to play in the success of Pakistan. Our ancestors gave sacrifices for we can lie peacefully. For us, that we do not have to face the difficulties they had to face. We have to keep their struggles in our mind while taking every decision.

The first and the most important thing youth need to do is to focus on their studies. The best investment they can make is in their own educational career. Education will give them a future they dream. And if youth will live a bright future, so will the country.

This day is a chance for all of us to think. Think about the aims behind the creation of Pakistan. The dreams and hopes of the people at the time of partition and how far have we fulfilled those expectations. We have this duty on our shoulders and we need to realize this as soon as possible. The sooner we’ll realize it, the more we can do for the country.

Today, Pakistan is surrounded by so many evils. Terrorism, corruption, unemployment, illiteracy and energy crisis etc are one of them. They are not impossible to be eradicated. Dedication and the correct use of knowledge is needed and time will come when the motherland will be free from these evils, InshaALLAH.


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