Abdul Haseeb Khan from Karachi has created Pakistan’s first fast charging station for electric vehicles (EVs). Libra Charging Hub, also known as the station, has 160 kW fast charging stations that can re-energize both high-end EVs and smaller Chinese EVs.

It is located in Saddar, one of the most popular public areas in Karachi. In just 15 minutes, the fast chargers can charge a car up to 80 percent. Khan spoke to a media outlet and said:

This station is the first to offer fast charging in Pakistan. Although there are many stations that offer EV charging in Pakistan, this station provides 160 kW fast charging. This allows for a quick charging time of only 15 minutes.

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Khan stated that the charging rate is Rs. 65 per kWh. A 46 kWh battery pack in a regular EV can be charged for Rs. 3000. He demanded more Pole Mounted Transformers to help establish such stations in Pakistan.

Khan stated that it is an environmentally-friendly fuel that can help the government offload some of the energy burdens. He also suggested that car owners could eliminate the need to refuel by switching to EVs.


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