Pakistan would be the first name which comes to mind when someone talks about cricket, that’s how crazy this nation is for cricket. However, the same cannot be said for the best location to play matches because of certain incidents in the past leading to an informal international boycott of teams to come to Pakistan and play. For all that time Pakistan has been using UAE grounds as their home pitches. However, the latest development could see an influx of international cricket to Pakistan since the hosting rights of the Asia Cup 2020 has been given to Pakistan!

This decision was announced in a meeting of the ACC held in Singapore where Pakistan was represented by the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board, Ehsan Mani, and the managing director PCB Wasim Khan.

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It all went downhill for PCB when the Sri Lankan team was attacked while on tour of Pakistan almost a decade ago. Ever since then, the Pakistanis have been deprived of the opportunity to see their favourite stars playing infront of their eyes on an international level. The introduction of PSL caused a major hype for the more important matches to be played in the country and the players were met with great crowds and an amazing atmosphere. This later allowed for some teams to come to Pakistan and play short series which have been a major breakthrough for PCB. However, this decision reached a whole new level and in aiming to provide assurity to the cricket boards Pakistan Cricket Board has requested Sri LANKAN Authorities to make a security assessment of the cities.

Another major news was the inclusion of cricket in the 2022 Asian Games. Earlier, the progress of cricket had been halted by the power struggle and politics present in the ICC, however, that seems to change slowly and gradually!

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