So in pretty much every country in the world, there are people who have been left stranded, people who reside in different countries and people who would love Togo back home but given the current situation, can’t.Quite like that, the situation in Pakistan is no different, people have been left stranded in Pakistan, people from different countries, due to the Coronavirus outbreak.Following the severity of the situation, the government of Pakistan have decided to extend the validity of their visas by two months. Due to this, all expired visas shall remain validvalid till June 30. Pakistan has extended visas for all foreign nationals.

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As per the sources present at the Ministry of Interior, visas have been extended due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and in part due to the government’s steps to prevent the spread of the virus through “any interaction with the public at large”. Furthermore, latest directives given by the ministry is in continuation of the notification issued before this during the first week of April, under which all types of visas issued to foreign nationals were extended till April 30, but seeing as how the situation is still far from under control, it was only a matter of time before the ministry would have to extend this deadline, which they have now.

It should be noted that the change in status is applicable to all visas which have been expired since 15th March and are set to expire by 30th June. In regards to this,the ministry said, “All such visas shall be deemed to be valid till 30th June 2020.” The ministry have also briefed the Foreign Office, the Federal Investigation Agen­cy’s Immigration Department and the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports about the policy and that its implementation.


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