The Pakistan Navy is preparing to welcome the Hangor-Class submarines into its fleet, a move that will significantly enhance its maritime capabilities and strategic defense. These submarines are equipped with Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP), a technology that allows them to operate submerged for longer durations without the need to surface for air.

The introduction of these eight submarines into the Pakistan Navy fleet is scheduled for next year, pending the completion of their trials. The Hangor-Class submarines are a result of a defense agreement signed between Pakistan and China in 2015. Under this agreement, both countries will manufacture four submarines each at their respective shipyards, incorporating state-of-the-art facilities.


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The collaboration between Pakistan and China in the defense sector is a testament to their longstanding and friendly relationship. This agreement further solidifies their strategic partnership, with both nations working together to bolster their naval capabilities.

In a recent development, the navies of Pakistan and China conducted a week-long joint exercise called ‘Sea Guardians-3’ in the northern Arabian Sea. During this exercise, the spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense, Senior Colonel Wu Qian, announced that the two countries would engage in joint maritime patrols for the first time. This joint exercise demonstrates the depth of the military cooperation between Pakistan and China, highlighting their commitment to strengthening security in the region.


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