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Pakistan now has an official Google presence

With the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), American tech giant Google has registered itself as a company in Pakistan.

There are exclusive reports that the SECP has issued a certificate of registration to Google under Section 435 of the Companies Act 2017, according to sources from ProPakistani.

It has been reported that Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is a company owned by Google. We are pleased to announce the registration of a Pakistani liaison office under the new Companies Act 2017 under the name Limited.

It is understood that Google is going to start its operations in Pakistan shortly after it registers with SECP. There will be a Google delegation visiting Pakistan next week to meet the Pakistani authorities and to discuss Google’s operations in the country.


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An official from the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoITT) said that they sought to establish long-term relationships with international companies and were trying as hard as they could to get them to Pakistan. However, because of political instability, companies were reluctant to invest in Pakistan.

As per the officials of the information technology ministry, Google is expected to establish its office in Pakistan at the earliest opportunity in the coming days. There have been several initiatives launched by Google in Pakistan in the past few years, according to MoITT officials.

The Google Career Certification program was launched in September to offer flexibility in learning paths for Pakistani students. As part of its efforts to combat suicide cases and mental health issues in Pakistan, Google developed a suicide hotline in June 2022.

There has been a positive response from the MoITT after Google registered as a company in Pakistan as part of the registration process. The SECP registration shows that Google is willing to invest more in its certification program than it does currently. Google is investing $3.5 million in its certification program.


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