So the Pakistan Railways under the leadership of Shiekh Rasheed has rolled out a new application which is called the “Pak Rail Live”, an app that enables train users in tracking the exact location of trains across the whole network and to in turn help and aid the customer with some very useful information. Nowadays, almost all major Enterprises and Organizations have there own apps which help their users and it is good to see that Pakistan Railways has also opted for a similar change.

Moving on. The Pak Rail Live is a free application which can be downloaded from the Playstore and has been put in place for the general public. Moreover,  the app provides Real-Time train tracking along with schedule updates, estimated arrival at stations and pre-arrival notifications, all of which can be considered as useful and important information. Simply by clicking on the app you have access to such information which really lowers the load on the passenger’s mind.


Pak Rail Live can be downloaded on:

Apple App Store for iOS devices

Google Play Store for Android devices

Railways Ministry has also asked users to provide feedback on what they think the developers of the app can do to improve the app as it has just been launched may incur a few bugs. Moreover, as per some users, the facility is useful for travelers but still requires some improvements. It has been reported that the refresh interval for train tracking is slow. Some users are also asking for a one map option to be put in place, with all trains showing real-time position of every train.

Pakistan Railway new app now allows a user the feature of Real-Time Tracking

Furthermoremany say that it is a good initiative started by the government of Pakistan and that it will help facilitate thousands of people every day. Railways Ministry has announced to upgrade train coaches, launch a Wi-Fi service and install a tracking system on all trains.The system will facilitate the passengers in tracking the current location of the train and its estimated time of arrival to their departure platform with the help of smartphones, which provides great ease for the consumer!


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