Recent reports claim that Pakistan railways will soon be enabling wifi hotspots at all the divisions of the railway stations and also even on the train. This facility will be provided to the customers for free. Khawaja Saad Rafique, who is the federal minister of the railways has now established a committee which aimed earlier for this plan. The plan will be able to finish up within a few weeks from now.

After the online ticketing facility, the wifi setup in the train is one another big project of Pakistani railways.

This service isn’t being offered for the first time in the railways, it was offered before as well. But that service was restricted to only the business class. Even last year one of these services took place that was called as the “GREEN LINE TRAIN”. However this has now become a necessary requirement for the departments of all kind.

Pakistan soon has to take up steps put up its investments in to a good source of development. China has also partnered up with Pakistan in the development of it’s railway departments.


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