Pakistan Ranks badly in Global Internet Speed Test

Pakistan Ranks badly in Global Internet Speed Test
Pakistan Ranks badly in Global Internet Speed Test

Pakistan Ranks badly in Global Internet Speed Test. Ookla which is a popular speed testing company has recently released “Speedtest Global Index” for November 2017.

According to the index, Pakistan is ranked at 89th in the mobile internet network and listed 126th in the fixed broadband internet network speeds.

Index collected data from all around the world and results shows that Norway leads the list of countries as it has the fastest mobile internet speeds with an average speed of 62.66 Mbps.

 On the other hand, in the category of broadband internet Singapore has the fastest services, with average speed of 153.85 Mbps.

Shockingly, India was ranked at 109th against Pakistan’s 89th making it 20 positions down Pakistan’s mobile internet network category.

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Though, that is to be predictable taking into consideration the India’s large area and limited 3G/4G coverage.

This year Pakistan has the mobile internet speed of 13.08 Mbps which pulled the country’s position down 3 levels from last year’s index.

Whereas, Pakistan has broadband internet speed of 6.13 Mbps which is really poor and makes it the 8th last country in the fastest and best fixed broadband speeds list.

The results of the list shows the average mobile internet speed of our neighboring countries, according to which China, India, Afghanistan and Iran have 31.22 Mbps, 8.80 Mbps, 7.13 Mbps, and 16.74 Mbps, respectively.

In the category of fixed broadband, China, India, and Iran averaged 61.24 Mbps, 18.82 Mbps and 10.28 Mbps correspondingly.

During the few past years Internet speed has seen a massive growth rate across the world.

With the launch of 3G and 4G internet services in the country Pakistan is also a part of this improvement, thanks to the execution of advanced technologies by the respective authorities.

At the moment, three-quarters of Pakistani populace has access to broadband internet services.

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has also deployed 91,000 km of fiber optic in Pakistan. The objective behind this move was to make the internet experience more smooth and effective for Pakistani users.

Due to the lack of fast and speedy 4G mobile networks and copper based fixed broadband networks Pakistan got down in this field. There should be introduction of faster 4G standards and FTTH networks that could improve average internet speeds to perk up user experience for the public.


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