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Pakistan Ranks Behind Indonesia in Number of Umrah Pilgrims Visiting Saudi Arabia

Pakistan is ranked second in the ranking of the most pilgrims who have came to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah after the 195,225 Pakistanis traveled to Saudi Arabia from the start in the Islamic calendar the year (1 Muharram).

According to the Saudi Ministry for the Hajj and Umrah More than 1.2 million people visited the Kingdom and around 317,200 of them coming from Indonesia making it the first on the list of.

Additionally the Ministry revealed that 880,929 pilgrims landed in the Kingdom by air.

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Additionally, it stressed the importance of making it easier for pilgrims’ journey as well as improving the quality of the services within the sector as part of the kingdom’s Vision 2030. The report urged Umrah companies to offer all the required services for.

According to the data according to the information, there are 470 licensed Saudi businesses that offer services to pilgrims and tourists throughout the 10 month Umrah season that ends on the 29th Dhul Qa’ad, shortly before the Hajj.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia also extended the period for the Umrah visa, which was originally one month up to 3 and allowed pilgrims to travel throughout the country on their visa.


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