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Pakistan Re-Elected to UN Rights Body With Majority

Pakistan was reappointed to the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) on Tuesday with overwhelming majority, making sure about 169 votes in the 193-part UN General Assembly. 

Among the five competitors from the Asia-Pacific region competing for four seats, Pakistan made sure about the most elevated number of votes. 

Pakistan has been serving on the HRC since January 2018. With Tuesday’s re-appointment, Pakistan will proceed as a part for an additional three-year term initiating on Jan 1, 2021. Since the HRC’s foundation in 2006, this is the fifth time that Pakistan has been chosen for the UN’s head body on human rights. 

“The worldwide network has indeed rested trust in Pakistan, perceiving our commitment to the public and worldwide human rights plan and solid qualifications as an agreement developer in the HRC,” said an announcement gave by Pakistan’s Permanent Mission to the UN in New York. 

“Pakistan remains solidly dedicated to maintaining, advancing and shielding human rights and principal opportunities for all,” it included. 

Conciliatory sources state that Pakistan will support its endeavors towards guaranteeing that the HRC’s work is guided by the standards of comprehensiveness, unbiasedness, exchange and participation. 

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“In accordance with Pakistan’s responsibility, we will organize headway of resilience, regard and valuable commitment in the HRC,” the Pakistani mission said. 

The HRC has been a noticeable gathering for talking about the gross and orderly human rights manhandles being executed in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). 

Inside the UN, Pakistan keeps on featuring the human rights infringement that Indian occupation powers have been submitting in IIOJK without risk of punishment. Those infringement have been broadly recorded in different reports of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the independent Special Procedure Mandate Holders. 

“Pakistan will remain effectively drew in with the committee just as its connected cycles to keep on featuring the predicament of Kashmiris and other abused individuals everywhere on the world,” the Pakistani mission said. 

The Human Rights Council is a between governmental body situated in Geneva inside the United Nations framework and is liable for the advancement and assurance of all human rights far and wide. It contains 47 states and talks about all topical human rights issues and explicit circumstances requiring attention, for example, those in IIOJK.


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