Pakistan has strongly opposed the “Public Notice” released by University Grants Commission of India and the All India Council for Technical Education which discourages students from pursuing an education at a higher level in Pakistan.

The warning also warns that they could be denied work should they decide to leave.

Its tone in the “Public Notice’ is extremely threatening and is infused with authoritarian tyranny. It’s unfortunate that this fundamental sentiment is fueled by the inexplicably fervent obsession of India with Pakistan and that the Government of India is unabashedly forcing students to stop them from attending the prestigious school that they would like to pursue.

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This “Public Notice’ also serve to expose the BJP and the RSS’s deep-seated ideological animosity and persistent hatred towards Pakistan.

It is regrettable that, as part of its mission Hindu Rashtra, the Indian government has taken the use of such tactics to encourage nationalist sentiment across the nation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested confirmation with the Indian government on the issue of the notice.

In addition, Pakistan reserves the right to take appropriate steps as a response to the clearly discriminatory and unjustifiable act committed by India.


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