Many people don’t know this but the white color in the Pakistani flag represents the minorities and it is there for a reason. It is a representation of how minorities are a part of the population of Pakistan and therefore would not be treated any differently than how the Pakistani muslims are treated.

While India is busy showing how atrocious it really is towards its minorities Pakistan have shown India how to actually treat muslims by appointing the first ever Hindu Major in its History. Dr. KelashGarvada, proudly wears the green and white flag proudly on his chest! He has set the bar high for not just minorities but muslims as well by the contributions he has made and have been awarded the Tamgha-e-Dafa, Tamgha-e-Baqa and Tamgha-e-Azam.


Dr. Kelash belongs to Tharakparkar and did his MBBS from LUHMS Jamshoro. and was later commissioned into the Pakistan army. His accomplishments include staying for 36 days at the world’s highest army post, near K2 and has also served in several operations in different areas around Pakistan. Not only this, he has represented Pakistan internationally in Uganda, Egypt, Dubai, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. He is currently posted in Quetta in the 86 Medical Battalion of Pakistan Army.

He is the prime example of how a nation should treat its minorities. Unfortunately, our next door neighbours haven’t really learned anything and the people of Kashmir are the ones suffering because of that. The Hindu Nationalist party has explicitly showed by its actions that it would not be tolerant towards other religions and that might end up with religious minorities standing up against the government causing riots and mass destruction. People should be ones who should have the last say in the matter, which is the definition of democracy, something that the current Indian Government has failed to familiarize itself with.

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