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Pakistan Sports Board Drops Badminton players to Commonwealth Games 2022

In a bizarre twist, Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has withdrawn national badminton players from the Commonwealth Games, set to start on the 28th of July in Birmingham.

In this context the president of the Pakistan Badminton Federation (PBF), Syed Wajid Ali, declared the following four PBF players Four PBF players – Mahoor Shahzad Ghazala Siddique Murad Ali as well as Irfan Saeed – have secured qualifications to play in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

PSB had originally included them in the national contingent of an event of this magnitude, according to that the PBF President, noting that the sports board has removed them from the tournament just around turn.

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Syed Wajid Ali added that PSB has not provided any explanation for its absurd decision. He claimed the PBF has already concluded all of the necessary arrangements. PBF will discuss the matter in the Pakistan Olympic Association to ensure that national athletes are included in the big event.

Social media, Olympian Mahoor Shehzad expressed her displeasure over the developments. She claimed that PSB has secluded the badminton players at final moment. She also said that PSB’s decision could have negative consequences on the development of badminton in the nation.

The news occurs a few hours after Pakistan Sports Board had announced it will only provide sponsorship to athletes participating in 2022’s Commonwealth Games 2022 who have the chance of winning an award in the main competition.


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