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Pakistan Stands Firm Over Palestinian Resolve Before Accepting Israel

Unfamiliar Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday said he had introduced Pakistan’s position on Israel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) unfamiliar Minister, completely expressing that Pakistan won’t and can not set up a relationship with Israel until a solid and lasting arrangement is found to the Palestine issue. 

Qureshi was addressing correspondents in Multan after parades for the Urs of Hazrat Shah Rukn-I-Alam simply a day after his visit to the UAE where he held elevated level talks with the Emirati authority. 

During his visit, Qureshi said he had “heard and comprehended why the UAE made the strides it did to perceive Israel yet introduced Pakistan’s position on the issue obviously”. 

“Pakistan in any circumstance can’t build up relations with Israel until a solid and perpetual arrangement is found to the issue of Palestine,” said Qureshi. 

The unfamiliar pastor said he disclosed to his UAE partner the profundity of feelings and sentiments the Pakistani country had on the issues of Palestine and Kashmir. The UAE unfamiliar Minister “totally comprehended” these sensations of the Pakistani country, as indicated by Qureshi. 

Qureshi was addressed by columnists on whether there was any tension on Pakistan to perceive Israel to which he replied: “The head administrator has said this, I have explained it and the Foreign Office (FO) has given a proclamation on this, there is no weight by anybody on us.” 

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“Number one, there will be no tension on us nor there is. Number two, we need to settle on choices remembering Pakistan’s inclinations and not because of any weight. We have an approach and we are as yet resolute on it.” 

‘India not a swap for Pakistan’ 

Qureshi additionally said he needed to explain that neither the UAE nor Saudi Arabia had any aim of making “India a swap for Pakistan”, adding that it was India’s “misconception” in the event that it wished to put forth attempts towards that end. 

Talks with his partner advanced by his overall desires, Qureshi stated, and he was consoled that the visa issue was a transitory one and would before long be settled. 

Qureshi said various different issues concerning reciprocal relations and how they could be additionally fortified were talked about. He said he had additionally notified the UAE unfamiliar priest on advancements on the intra-Afghan harmony measure — remembering the new talks with a Taliban assignment for Islamabad. 

The unfamiliar pastor likewise tended to ongoing disclosures about an arranged Indian careful strike while he was in Abu Dhabi. He said he “promptly settled on the choice without squandering the chance” to hold a public interview where worldwide news sources were available to “send India a reasonable message”.


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