Back in January, India’s prime minister, NarendraModi in New Delhi, launched the start-up plan for the initiated projects of the country!

India’s start-up action plan is well promising to the people: Tax exemption, self-certification, establishment of a Startup India hub, labs with 3D printers and other equipment for R&D, programs for students, quicker registration, help filing patents and getting legal advice, a fund, festivals and much more.

How similar are we to the Indian market?

Firstly the government apathy and corruption, and the secondly the strong hold big corporations, these are the two sides that we both are similar to.

Both, Pakistan and India, somehow offer the same sort and number of opportunities too! That another way we both are similar.

But for the time if we ponder in both the countries the mobile phone penetration is on its peak, which makes it the best market for the mobile app development.

What does a successful startup ecosystem need?

Here are a few things that a startup ecosystem needs:

  • Skilled people
  • Large marketplace for those products
  • Multiple sources of funding
  • Bigger companies to acquire those startups, thus providing investors with an exit strategy

Do we have skilled people? Yes

Do we have a large marketplace for products and services? Yes

Do we have sources of funding? A massive no

Do we have a structure for mergers? No

The startup plans have not yet been initiated in Pakistan!

First we don’t have better millionaires, second those who have money don’t really know how to invest it, or where to invest it! Or else they even may value buying a Subway franchise or a DHA plot, but won’t be willing to see the long-term ROI .And our government, of course has nothing!

We all do watch the movies of KARAN JOHAR, and we are also well aware of the fact of the importance of Indian NRI. But Pakistanis won’t do so! Indians would go out invest money in the tech sectors and take steps to establish the country well.

What are the options for a startup coming out of Pakistan?

Does all this mean Pakistani entrepreneurs should give up? Of course not.

However there are still many startups doing plenty of works with or even without investments!

We have many of the works around us Incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, And startups like Convo, Appography,, Vivid Technologies and many others too!


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