Pakistan Team is the worst in terms of catches caught in the CWC 19

So when in it comes to Cricket, it would be safe to say that one of the most unpredictable teams playing the game is without a doubt, the Pakistan Cricket Team. They have proved there haters wrong day in and day out, be it the Champions Trophy, where they went on to win the major trophy, or be it this year’s World Cup, where even after losing two matches on the trot, fans are still hopeful that Pakistan can qualify in the Semi-finals of the tournament after beating the South-Africans comprehensively and comfortably. Pakistan Team is the worst in terms of catches caught in the CWC 19

However, all great teams have an amazing fielding unit to give there respectively teams a major edge over there competitors. The teams who have solidified the foundations of this particular department are always seen to be on top of the table in any series, or ICC tournament they play and Pakistan are seen to be very weak in this department as according to the recent statistics Pakistan National Team are currently the worst in terms of catches caught which has had a significant impact on the games they have played, on the other end the best ranked team in fielding is India the major rivals of Pakistan and currently the frontrunners to win the CWC19.

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Moreover, Pakistan has dropped a total of 14 catches so far out of a possible 26 with a drop percentage of a whopping 35% which is unacceptable in modern day cricket and something the Pakistani’s really have to look in to. On the second spot we have another major frontrunner for this year’s WorldCup, probably the favorites as well, the England National Cricket Team have been ranked as the second worst in the fielding department, the English have dropped a total of 10 catches so far out of a possible 42 with a drop percentage of 19.23%. Following the English we have South Africa  and New Zealand, with the former dropping 7 catches out of a possible 31 and the later dropping 6 out of a possible 33. Now the key thing here is to note the difference between the first and second teams, a drop percentage difference of a major 16% after which other teams follow.

The top team in this department are easily the Indians who have dropped only one catch out of a possible 15 with a percentage drop rate of only 6.25%. Moreover, this shows why the Indian team has been so successful in the past. Hence, it can be concluded that if Pakistan can improve there fielding, with the bowling attack they have things might get a little more predictable.

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