Just about three years ago, Elephone set out an expansion plan which meant that the company would be expanding beyond only the Chinese market. With that in mind, things seem to be going well enough for the company, as it has now been confirmed that Elephone will be officially making its way into the Pakistan market on the eight of December. On the same day, the Chinese manufacturer will also be holding a press conference in Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad – which will be attended by the Pakistan area media reporters, business partners along with some government officials.

The company will go on to introduce its latest flagship smartphones in Pakistan and this will also go on to include the pop-up camera series that includes the latest ElephonePX. Not only this as the company’s waterdrop display phones as well as the 3D screen phones will also make their way into the market.

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In accordance with what the company officials have had to say, Elephone considers the Pakistani market an integral step into the company’s progression into the big leagues, with the Pakistani market also posing out to be a very important part of Elephone’s future plans in the Mid-east market.

It’s great to see yet another manufacturer looking to make its mark in the Pakistani market. Of course, not only will this go on to provide consumers with even more options with regards to the availability of products, but more producers will obviously lead to more competitive prices.


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