Its not everyday that a member of the British Royal Family visits Pakistan but when they do, it is an honorable situation for Pakistani officials to be in as these visits aims to strengthen relations between the two countries and has always been a way for major reconciliations to take place. Previously, visits by the family included years 1967 and 1991, followed by 2006 and the latest being the upcoming one in the autumn when Price William and Kate Middleton arrive in Pakistan as they look forward to take important roles in the British diplomatic strategy.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will undertake an official visit to Pakistan at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,” a statement from the palace read. “The visit will take place in the Autumn.”

High commissioner to the United Kingdom Muhammad Nafees Zakaria welcomed the announcement with open arms:

“Upcoming Royal visit reflects the importance UK attaches to Pakistan. Both countries enjoy historical links & wish to strengthen further.”


Security concerns regarding the visits were ignored by the couple who seem confident to come to Pakistan and to improve relations between the two countries.

Furthermore, this isn’t the only tour that a royal family will be taking this autumn, with the younger couple of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set to tour Africa.

The exact details of the trip are not public yet but this will be welcome visit and one that was long overdue since the couple visited India in 2016 and it was time until the couple took time out for their neighbours as well.

Previously, Lady Diana was the one who made a private visit to Pakistan without any official restrictions and won the hearts of millions of Pakistanis with her down to earth and open nature of interacting with everyone. However, the upcoming one would be strictly official.


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