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Pakistan gets a place in Forbes list the “Top 10 Coolest Places to Visit in 2019”

One of the leading magazine’s Forbes has named Pakistan among the top 10 coolest places one should visit in 2019 which is a big honour for the country. Pakistan was among the top countries to visit based on the word of various travel bloggers. This year it has finally become official. The American magazine reveals that the reason behind the choices in the list had mainly to do with the suggestions provided by ‘Sara Barbieri’ who is a specialist within a super travel agency known as GeoEx.

Moreover, the list was compiled on the basis of the various interviews given by travel experts who work in various high-end travel agencies all over the world and based on those opinions presented by these travel experts this is the end product of the list!

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  • Azores(Portugal)
  • Eastern Bhutan
  • Cabo/Los Cabos(Mexico)
  • Ethiopia
  • Madagascar
  • Mongolia
  • Pakistan
  • Rwanda
  • The Turkish Riveria

Moreover according to Sara Barbieri the reasons to why Pakistan is a great country to visit had mainly to do with the fact that the country comprises of amazingly beautiful scenic beauty which can be found in the North of Pakistan and while the North of Pakistan has been and is a key tourist location in the country Pakistan, the Pakistan’s tourist scene has a lot more to offer than just the scenic beauty! With the cultural treasury present in cities such as Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan makes up for a very suitable tourist location.

Pakistan gets a place in Forbes list the “Top 10 Coolest Places to Visit in 2019”

Moreover the government of Pakistan is looking forward to expand the tourist landscape of Pakistan and the most notable move taken by the government in this matter is the objective of fulfilling the Kartarpur Corridor to expand religious tourism in Pakistan as well. Furthermore, as many of you would have noticed by now, the list does not comprise of the already famous or favorite countries but rather, countries like Rwanda and Colombia have also made it on the list, countries which were to say “to dangerous to visit’ are now transforming in to countries of great wonder!


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