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There had been more than a few questions held at the selection committee for the selection and omition of certain players, so this series would prove vital in the deciding who ends up in the final squad and who doesn’t. The biggest surprise was to exclude Amir from the squad. The series against England in England would have been a nice warm-up to the World Cup and so it did.

This series showed where Pakistan needed to focus on. Pakistan lost all of its matches against England, which might come as a sign of alarm for the team with very few days left in the World Cup. However, certain factors need to be considered before pointing fingers. First of all, the series was held in England, so it gave the home team an advantage of preparing the pitch just like they wanted to. That meant that Pakistani pacers and bowlers didn’t get any help from the pitch and the threat of our bowling was neutralized. In the batting aspect, Pakistan showed perseverance to be able to put up large scores and to chase quite well under pressure. In the world cup, the pitches would be prepared by the ICC that would be a fairer battle when it comes to head to head.

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One thing to question in the Pakistan would be the level of fitness of some of the players. Captain Sarfaraz himself looked lethargic in his keeping abilities and so can be said for a few others. Physically fit is a necessity to show of one’s true ability at the International stage. Pakistan would be facing difficult decisions but with the team already in England, they have ample time to sort things out and come up with a plan that would see them show their ability to the maximum at the upcoming world cup that commences in a few days.


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