Easily one of the most iconic personalities since the creation of Pakistan, Tariq Aziz has just passed away and has in turn left a void in the TV industry of Pakistan. The man is hailed as one of the few legendary personalities to ever grace the country and Pakistan will never be the same. Tariq Aziz passed away in Lahore at the age of 84 on Wednesday. 

Tariq Aziz was known to possess many different qualities which made him a very talented personality, among many things, he was a politician, actor, poet and above all, the pioneer of game shows in Pakistan, “Pakistan ko Tariq Aziz ka salaam” was one of his most iconic lines. He was a man who never compromised on national and cultural values over ratings, he was original and natural which made him all the more loveable. 

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The veteran star was born in Jalandhar on April 28, 1936, and he began his professional career on Radio Pakistan in the early 60’s, since then started the journey of becoming one of the most recognisable voices on Radio Pakistan. He also starred in a popular TV show ‘Neelam Ghar‘, which was later renamed as ‘The Tariq Aziz Show’ due to his massive popularity in the country, the show started in 1974 on the national broadcaster Pakistan Television Network (PTV) and continued for decades, perhaps one of the most famous shows in the 7 ½ decade history of Pakistan. 

Tariq Aziz started his career in the film industry in 1967, movies such as Insaniyat, Salgirah, Qasam Us Waqt Ki, Katari and Har Gaya Insan were his most famous works. It should also be noted that he also actively participated in politics, such was his popularity in the political world that he was elected to chair a seat in the National Assembly in 1997. In recognition of his services in the entertainment industry, Aziz was awarded the prestigious Pride of Performance Award by the government of Pakistan in 1992.


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