In the latest report coming in from the popular magazine creators, Bloomberg, it has been found that the transport of Karachi is in fact the worst in the world. In turn, the magazine published a report where they went into detail about the factors which attribute to making the city’s public transport, the worst transport system in the world. In addition, the report has highlighted that the local public transport of biggest city in Pakistan was at one time one of the most modern public transport systems in the world  and it mentions a time when a localized railway encircled the city and provided a daily transport facility within the city to the general public of Karachi, but with the ongoing  corruption through the ranks, the mismanagement by those involved and the  clashes of interest has in turn stopped all positive developments in the transport system of the city. 

The report further also highlighted that Karachi’s public transport system has been ranked as the worst in the globe, talking about the disorganized condition of the roads, the enforcement, and the abidance of rules in the city, which have all played a role in the current situation that the city faces. The public transport in the city consists of the popular ‘Omni Buses’ which barely fit the bill for suitable transport, especially for the female population of the city. 

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Arsalan Ali Faheem, a consultant at DAI, which is Maryland-based company which provides advises on the development projects says that  “Karachi, despite its importance, is a political orphan,” signaling at the point that the country’s biggest commercial hub has fallen prey to numerous clashes between political parties, which has resulted in a chaotic environment in terms of the public transport service that the city has to offer. Talking on the issue of road encroachments, a researcher at the Washington D.C.-based Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Adam Weinstein has stated that, “Karachi has yet to find a humane way to address land encroachment that stymies development and relocate people without incurring immense political blowback”.

In addition, the rising population in the city has only created more problems for the people of Karachi and such rise in the population has to met with some decent transport services to be provided for to the people by the government of Pakistan. I’m addition to that, the fact that the public transport system of Pakistan is now internationally regarded as the worst in the world, the city is on the receiving end of a lot of negative attention from the globe and we already know how bad a reputation Pakistan already has in front of the world. 


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