Pakistani actors react after Musharraf’s death penalty

Pakistani actors react

Pakistan entertainment industry reacted after former president Pervaiz Musharraf handed a death sentence in the case pertaining to high treason. The actors and Pakistani stars of the entertainment industry did not hold back to express their views about the major development.

Veteran actor Shaan Shahid took to Twitter to express his regrets about the decision and termed it a “sad day”. In his tweet he said “A sad day indeed .. when a patriot is called a traitor. [Pervaiz Musharraf] you sir will always be our patriot . A true Pakistani a brave soldier and son of the soil. [pakarmyZindabad]”.

Hamza Ali Abbasi who is famous for his political bold view did not hold back either and said “After #Musharraf verdict, Will PML N & our SUPER INTELLECTUALS now apologise for their allegations abt Judiciary being Establishment’s puppet when Nawaz’s verdict came out?”.

Mehwish Hayat Tweeted went to the Irish history and quoted Thomas Francis Meagher – an Irish soldier – and said “”The treason of which I stand convicted loses all its guilt, has been sanctified as a duty, and will be ennobled as a sacrifice.””

Pakistani actors react after Musharraf’s death penalty

She also posted a video of ailing Musharraf who is on hospital bed. She reminded that retired General was President of the country and guided the nation through difficult times. She also demanded some dignity for the dictator. Let’s put politics aside for one moment. This man was our President & guided us through some difficult times. 

“After all does the law not say”Innocent till proven guilty”? wrote Mehwish Hayat.

Pakistani actors react after Musharraf’s death penalty

Several other celebrities including Veena Malik and Amir Liaquat Hussain Tweeted after the verdict.


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