In a surprising turn of events, Zain Cheema, a Pakistani-American police officer, has found himself in custody following his arrest by Gujarat police. The arrest took place during a late-night raid at the residence of an independent political candidate, who is now the focal point of an ongoing investigation. Cheema is facing accusations of actively participating in a road blockade and engaging in political chants alongside the candidate’s supporters.

Both the political workers and the US policeman are now subjects of a police case in Gujarat, with the motive behind Cheema’s involvement in these political activities remaining mysterious. Authorities are delving deeper into the circumstances surrounding the incident as legal proceedings unfold.

 Police Officer.
Pakistani Authorities Detain American Police Officer.


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The arrest has captured public interest, raising questions about the underlying dynamics in this peculiar situation. The case is set to undergo thorough scrutiny to ascertain the full extent of Cheema’s role and the implications of his actions.

As of now, the US embassy has not issued any official comment on the matter.


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