Pakistani developers created app for anonymous posts and get second position at Facebook’s F8 Hackathon A prideful moment for the Pakistani nation as a team of Pakistani developers got second place in Facebook’s F8 Hackathon in San José, California. They successfully created an application that helps users communicate with pseudo-names in Facebook groups.

Asad Memon and Azka Qaiser made their way and compete with international players of developing technology.At the event; developers from all around the globe were invited to hack Facebook technologies to bring the world closer together.

Thousands of people participated in Facebook’s annual developer conference to experience latest technology from the platform of Facebook. They learn how developers are innovating on the social media giant and discover new ways to build the community. The event was Held in San José at the McEnery Convention Center.

In this year’s annual conference, Facebook added a two-day hackathon in the where developers from all around the globe were elected to compete with the social media giant’s technologies and innovations.

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Total 145 developers were divided into 53 teams in the hackathon and two of them were Pakistani who made their project that will help you to share things anonymously in Facebook groups.The tagline assigns to the project is “Anonymous conversations for Facebook Groups”.

Sharing the views about their app, the Pakistani developers said:

“We noticed a common pattern in many discussion groups: A lot of members want to discuss important issues but many topics are best discussed in anonymity. Unfortunately, Facebook’s real-name policy forces them to keep mum when they have a lot to contribute otherwise.”

 “A major inspiration for us to build this app is a Facebook group named ‘Soul Sisters Pakistan’. It is a Facebook group only for females from all around the world connecting them together. It’s a platform where women can ask, share and discuss things they like, but many times there are situations when people don’t want to reveal their identity but they want a solution to their problem at the same time. In such a scenario, they started sending their issues to their friends to post them ‘Anonymously’ on their behalf. This is a ‘hack’ that is widely used by the community.” They further added.

Well, if you want anything anonymously without the risk of any privacy issue, now with the help of this app, you can share your feelings.

As, there are lots of things which you want to share anonymously. The app assigns a pseudo-name to each user which will ultimately insure the privacy.


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