No doubt Pakistan is on the way to its progress in all fields. And the females alongwith their males are taking part in the progress of our homeland. Here we are again with such a wonderful story of a talented Pakistani femeale Entrepreneur.

Such a struggling and hardworking female is now becoming the part of our discussions. Ms Sana Farooq,  proud of Pakistan.

To represent her Startup, a Pakistani female entrepreneur has been selected. Startup will be represented at Blackbox connect this year. A two week residential programme for start up founders across the world is going to be held at the accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Founder and chief executive of the E -Learning Network, is Sana Farooq. E-learning Network is a UK based center that seeks to train teachers via online courses to eliminate the costs of travel. In the education sector,  it also caters to other professionals.

This is the claim of Farooq’s ELN that she is the pioneer Pakistani female entrepreneur who has been selected to participate in the event.

The event is sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs.

She will be among 15 female entrepreneurs from across the globe that will participate in the upcoming event.-the Blackbox Connect 18 Female Founders Edition from 15 May to 26 May -that is with the purpose to hone the craft of their entrepreneurship and amplify their drive alongwith fortifying the foundation of their startup.

The nomination of the start up founders is done by a Google Entrepreneurs network partner.

No doubt nomination of a female to make her the part of 15 females selected from across the globe is a thing that makes Pakistanis to proud.

Appreciation of this female would result in the form of several entrepreneurs’ discovery out of the country,  Pakistan. So try to loose your wallets of appreciation and participate in the progress of beloved homeland.


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