Meet Pakistani girl global topper in online test of ACCA

Meet Pakistani girl global topper in online test of ACCA

Meet Siduratul Muntaha a Pakistani girl global topper in online test of ACCA

Imagine a Pakistani girl competing among 180 countries of the world and securing 100 % marks making Pakistan proud of her genius.

The girl I am talking about has been declared worldwide topper by a UK-based university in the Management Accounting MA -1 paper in an online examination of ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants).

The girl namely Sidratul Muntaha also known as Sidra Khan is a resident of Topi tehsil of Swabi district in northwest Pakistan. She made Pakistan proud by securing 100 % marks in the online examination conducted by local British council officials.

Sidra Khan’s teacher (at professionals’  Academy of Commerce in Peshawar) Adnan Siddiqui called the moments spent with the success of high achievers’ celebrations “proud moments”.

He also brought the trend of women in finance into notice and very proudly declared Sidra Khan as one of their Approved Learning Partners ALP’s PAC Peshawar as one of the global high achievers.

Sidra did recently study at Peshawar campus of the Professionals ’ Academy of Commerce and sat in the online examinations conducted under the invigilation hired by  British Council, Peshawar.

She claims that doing ACCA is not an easy task as it requires hard work and sharp-mindedness but she admits that the talented youth of Pakistan can document that if they once step out to do.

A proper platform and encouragement from the parents are the basics to achieve the goals as Sidra did.

The principal of PAC, Owais Bilal has declared his support for Sidra throughout her career by the academy’s administration.

The proud of Pakistan was not expecting such a great success as she was competing with thousands of students from 180 countries. She attempted the computer-based paper in the presence of British Council invigilators.

She views that the local students should not underrate themselves they should admit that they have the potential for such kind of global competitions.

She finds herself lucky enough to have beaten students from India,  Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and brought laurels to Pakistan.

She finds pleasure not only in being recognised as a worldwide topper but also in winning laurels for her country. The proud Pakistan is has become the inspiration for the youth.

All the students should seek the opportunities of becoming the part of online studies and getting degrees from outside the country.

To succeed in such kind of study process only self-confidence and hard work are the necessary things. Sidra suggests all the students take part in such kind of exams.


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