Pakistani mobile phone users’ data breach

Data of Mobile Phone Users in Pakistan Leaked
Data of Mobile Phone Users in Pakistan Leaked

Pakistani mobile phone users have once again been subjected to a serious breach of security. There has been a breach of security affecting multiple mobile applications and web portals. This breach has allowed the personal data of subscribers of telecom companies to become publicly available online. Using these online portals, subscribers are able to gain access to their own personal information via the internet.

Data of Mobile Phone Users in Pakistan Leaked

Asan Bash, an app supposedly providing access to users’ data through their mobile numbers, came to the attention of the media when an ad appeared on social media claiming that the app provided access to users’ data through the use of their mobile numbers. According to the video we watched, by simply entering the mobile number of any individual in the designated place of this application, anyone can have access to their CNIC numbers, family trees, and other information about any given individual.

Mobile phone data of Pakistani users is available Online for free

By just entering the mobile number of someone, one can gain access to a huge amount of personal information that person might have. This shows that the information we submit to the telecom companies is not safe at all. It is necessary for telecom companies to issue new SIM cards. This data will later be uploaded to the server for the purpose of completing the process of verification.

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The security of users is not the first time that the data of telecom companies has been compromised. In fact, previously the number of CNICs and mobile numbers of users of telecom companies could be easily accessed on the internet for free by anyone.

Pakistani mobile phone users’ data breach

An online portal called Simdatabaseonline offered free access to the mobile phone data of users and the CNIC number associated with the mobile number for users. By using the same portal as the above-mentioned app, users are able to access their CNIC and information related to it through entering the mobile numbers of telecom users.

There are serious concerns associated with the recent breach, as discussed by cyber security experts during the recent discussion on the breach.

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It is important to understand that when you download the said mobile application, you are actually giving it permission to access all of the data in your phone. This includes your email, pictures, bank accounts, or the contacts that can be stored in it. The fact that you agree to the terms and conditions of an app allows that app to have access to all data that you have entered into that app. The use of these applications has resulted in many users’ mobile data being compromised. In order to prevent the use of these third-party applications, it is recommended that you do not use them.” 

Data of Mobile Phone Users in Pakistan Leaked

 There is also a possibility that this data breach could be linked to the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) database that has been breached. Nadra has denied these allegations, explaining that Nadra Data is in Urdu, not English, while user data leaked is in English. However, an investigation will be conducted regarding these allegations. Nadra also says that it has lodged complaints with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Crimes and Cyber Wings to investigate the matter.

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