With political differences causing huge upsets in the entertainment industry between Pakistan and India, and with the hope of entertainment industry being the uniting force for both nations hindered by top Bollywood stars speaking in support of human rights violation in Kashmir, it seems like its finally time to actually appreciate our own local industry which has started to grow and producing some masterpieces habitually. So lets start with all the top movies that are worth a watch in 2019:

  1. BAAJI

From its trailer, this movie was tipped to be moving and intense, strong and moving all at the same time and with Meera finally getting the role she deserves, it feels like its actually the story of her life with how she was withstood fame and how she has been on and off on the fronts. Baaji revolves around an actress who has her prime past her as she reaches a certain age and directors start to prefer younger actresses. This hits her hard and the only companion she has is her beautician who later becomes her manager. The movie then moves to Hollywood directors trying to revive the industry by calling up Meera who is then in a challenge for the role with the only friend that she had and the dark side of the industry is then unveiled. The story is strong and only rarely does it go astray. Acting is top notch and is a must-watch for all the people who want a logical story with a sense of direction and not just watching it for fun but to realize how fame can affect a person in more ways than one.

  1. WRONG NO 2

The first wrong number was a definite entertainer but the plot was more expected and predictable than what someone would expect. However, wrong no 2 goes a bit further by complicating matters just enough to make this movie a little more than a silly comedy film. Yes, there are some exaggerated jokes which one expects from Pakistani movies, comedy being a weaker point always. This movie should not be considered a sequel but since the title matches the plot quite well, they went with it and a good decision they made. The movie has multiple intersecting story lines with the most cliché of them all being the romance between the rich girl and the poor boy. However, that’s not it, with so many other characters involved, and the direction being good, it uses them pretty well and makes up for a comedy that’s worth it.


This year’s silent film making the noise of a storm is Laal Kabootar. With directors aiming for eid releases, it gives time for debutants to look for any other release window to get the attention they so often deserve and lead Pakistani cinema into a new direction. That is the aim of Laal Kabootar as it does not take time to get into its stride, nor does it take time to get everyone hanging by their seats waiting for whats coming next. Starting off with a busy Karachi street and a husband being shot by motorcyclists, the audience is left in awe in the very first few minutes. What follows is a widow looking for her husband’s murderers and a cabbie waiting for his chance to go to Dubai. Both of them have intertwined themselves in the mess unexpectedly and the story become a top, top one with the cinematography being extremely strong points of the movie and one in which Pakistani movies have progressed exceptionally well over the past few years.

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One thing to note here is that LAAL KABOOTAR is Pakistan’s entry into the OSCARS! This is a massive achievement for the film and something that it deserves to fully enable people to appreciate the movie in the sense that it should be. Laal Kabootar has made us realize that there’s more to a movie than just good casting a twisted plot. The sound, surroundings and how the camera captures it all in an intriguing way to go with the genre that the movie belongs to, and you have yourself a masterpiece which is making quite a lot of rounds and it should!


Making movies that involve planes and aircrafts is a huge challenge for Pakistani industry for now with the Hollywood level CGI not present and the current CGI is lackluster at best as seen in the movie Sawal 700 crore ka. However, Sherdil has managed to produce a masterfuk performance with a stellar cast and amazing acting reigniting the patriotism in the Pakistanis who watched the movie. The movie received well deserved acclaim for cinematography as well the storyline and is sure to melt your hearts and rekindle the spirit and the love of your country. The movie has been liked by everyone who watched it and is among the top performers of 2019.


It is not possible for Pakistanis to not have seen the trailer of the Legend of Maula Jatt. When it came out, which is a very long time ago, the movie dripped sauce! It is filled with a stellar star studded cast with years of experience in acting and the movie being hugely anticipated in Pakistan, infact it is the most anticipated movie in Pakistan. However, legal battles with the son of the director of the original Maula Jatt has caused delays in the movie release dates and has been changed several times. Currently, no date has been set for this movie to release but the trailer has made us more anxious than ever to watch all this amazing cast in one movie!

Well guys, here was the list of the movies that rocked or are to rock Pakistani film industry in 2019 and we hope that you would have watched them all and looking forward to an even better 2020 in terms of good cinema!


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