Facilitated by the development of the mobile broadband industry, the attractiveness of smartphones in the Pakistani Nation has full-fledged enormous throughout the last two years. If market calculates approximately in 2015 have been correct, you will get a shock to hear that the country has more than 40 million smartphones today.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Report in 2015. Smartphone delivery to the Pakistani nation saw one of the best ever growth rates for smartphone imports in the Asian and African area, in the same year, smartphones make a payment to half of Pakistan’s mobile imports.

Due to the massive hit of smartphones flood into the country, more and more Pakistani nation revolutionize from feature phones to smartphones. Those who have not yet taken them up haven’t done so majorly due to security concerns, and not for the lack of tendency towards the new trending gadgets. The share of smartphone constantly rises even more in a marketplace equipped with 3G and 4G, which have 35 million mobile data subscribers.

While Apple’s iPhone and the extra feature-rich models of Samsung won the battle and have been favorites among technology fanatics and high-income group customers, Huawei low-end models, QMobile and Samsung and admired because of the sensible price picking they offer. QMobile leads both smartphone and feature phone markets and grasps over 50 % of the smartphone market segment. The previous year, Huawei increased its share from 7.3 % to 8.9% while Samsung had 20.5% of the smartphone market share.

The attractiveness of smartphones among people-powered the expansion of businesses like Careem, which, devoid of owning a single vehicle, has become a triumphant business worth 1 billion US dollars. For today’s businesses Smartphones are the market square. As they present technology connectivity, entrepreneurs anticipate them to be a promotion medium for ideas and products.

The boom in smartphones in these latest years has seen to it that Pakistani nation mobile end users do not observe the mobile phone as a simple communication device anymore. In addition connecting people, phones are now linking technologies. The influx of smartphones has meant that your phone now acts as a camera, as well as a photo editor, a file scanner, weather forecaster, a small portable workplace and much more.

Moreover, thanks to new-fangled online business and medical technology resolutions, this portable device supports health and security, and makes eating, traveling, paying bills more satisfying and simpler practices. Smartphones have given urban life in the rapid lane a boost and gave advantages to start-ups and business ventures. It is no surprise that, along with our reliance on these devices, hopes we have from them are intensifying. Users look forward them to provide convenience and solutions in every field, from health, logistics, and recreation to make things easier for daily bulky tasks.

IDC anticipates smartphones to take the attention feature phones by end of 2017, even though smartphones at this time make up 31% of the mobile market. It looks a massive chunk of our population is gradually adapting to smarter phones. Pakistan is also predictable to have 17 million more mobile subscribers by 2020, reports from the GSMA’s 2017 Mobile Economy Report. These trends are signs of escalating technology knowledge in our nation. As mobile and smartphone users augment in different income groups, we can guess changes in the standard of living of entire communities. More and more people will have right to use to the convenience and technology solutions presented by and through smartphones. The amplified number of users brings business prospects for entrepreneurs that fancy to use this medium to access a wide base of potential and target customers.


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