Pakistani Passport is ranked in the top five worst Passports in the World, not a good sign

So Pakistani a country which has endured a lot over the years. Be it the multiple terrorist attacks over the years, Osama Bin Laden found in Abbotabad, the on going Economic crisis, or the American drone attacks in the past, we have suffered greatly because of this and while the country already had enough internal problems, the country also faced the issue of losing its reputation in front of the World, with foreigners not willing to visit the country because of safety problems.

Over the years, things have started to change, Pakistan Army has played a vital role in safe guarding the country and continue to do so. Tourists spots such as Naran, Swat and Hunza have seen a boost in revenue with many tourists more forthcoming in making the trip to the heavenly terrain of the Northern Areas. Yet as per the recent Henley Passport Index’s 3rd Quarterly report, Pakistan has made no improvement whatsoever. As it stands Japan and Singapore’s passports are currently the most powerful passports in the world. The passport holders of the two countries enjoy visa-free access to over 189 countries in the World.

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Singapore has retained its number one status, the same as last year, while Germany has dropped one point to second place along with Finland and South Korea.Pakistan currently ranks at the 106th spot, which makesPakistan only three spots above the  lowest-ranked Afghanistan, which is surprising, seeing as how the nation of Afghanistan has been at war with the United States.

Moreover, it is understood that the index comprises of all 199 passports and 227 travel destinations all over the globe. The total score for each passport is equal to the number of destinations for which no visa is required.Surprisingly, our great nation has been listed below Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Libya, etc, once again Palestine and Yemen are countries who have been at war for so long so it does not make a lot of sense honestly, however the matter needs to seriouslybe addressed with efforts from the government if we are to improve our passport’s ranking.

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