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Pakistani people coming from abroad can now only purchase one duty free smartphones!

The government of Pakistan has supposedly agreed upon and implemented a new policy on the matter of taxes being imposed on imported smartphones from abroad. Moreover such policies are confusing a lot of people about what it actually means for people bringing these smartphones from foreign countries for notably their family members.

The Minister for the State of Revenue has now come forward and has explained the main policy changes in a series of tweets posted by him in order to educate people on how such a policy can dictate their daily life. Here lets begin on the various major changes that will be implemented.

  • Deactivation of the smuggled mobile phones

The cabinet has decided to block all phones which will be sold after the 1st of December, which in turn were brought in to the country without paying the necessary custom duty on the device. But .it should not be forgotten that this law is only applicable on smartphones, so feel free to bring in any other device or product. Moreover for the phones that will be sold after the 1st of December, HammadAzharhas suggested that the consumers should first send the phone’s IMIE number to 8484 to hence knoe about the phones legal status. This in turn will help prevent consumers from buying a stolen phone dude to negligence.

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  • Commercial import of these used phones

       The cabinet has officially signed away the ban on commercial imports of used mobile phones, following the confirmation of recent reports which revealed the government allow in the import of used smartphones. Now phoned can only be imported in used conditions!

  • Carrying phones from abroad

Moreover the government will also be changing its policy regarding the bringing of phones from foreign countries on a personal capacity. As of now the consumers will only be allowed to bring only one duty free phone in to the country, per person and on a year to year basis ti avoid any tax fraud. In addition if you do choose to pay the duty on the phones, then you are allowed to bring in up to 4 phones yearly but not more but you bring the 5th one duty free so yeah per annum you can bring like 5 phones. 4(duty) + 1(duty-free).

  • Implementation of these forums

Moreover to successfully implement these reforms the customs department has already integrated their electronic system with the PTA’s DIRBS. The IMEI numbers of the phones which have had their duties paid will automatically upload themselves in to the DIRBS, thus ensuring that only duty paid on phones are operational.


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